The Blackouts in the NFL

06 Oct

(Written 9/27/10)

As a fan, nothing beats going to a football game. From the ambiance to the great seats, the public has loved going to the football stadium and rooting for their favorite team every Sunday.

But in the past couple years, going to a game has gotten pricy. Ticket and food prices have risen substantially, and it cost over 20-dollars to park your car at the stadium. In this economic climate, many can’t afford it, and it is starting to become a problem.

For some football teams, they were facing a “blackout” for their home opener these past two weekends. A “blackout” means that if the game isn’t sold out, the game would not be aired in that cities television market.

In the past, this hasn’t been a problem. But with the rise in prices of the game, and the technological advances of HDTV and surround sound, many patrons are deciding on watching the game in the comforts of their own home, instead of the stadium with thousands of other fans.

This has been a problem already in Detroit and San Diego. In Detroit, their home opener Week 2 against the Philadelphia Eagles was almost ‘blacked out. In a couple last minutes maneuvers, they were able to sell out the game.

In San Diego, a playoff team from a year ago, had their season opener ‘blacked-out’ because they weren’t able to sell out all their seats and the ownership didn’t want to buy the seats and eat money.

So they know the problem, now how can they solve it? They could lower the prices of commodities, but then stadium owners wouldn’t be able to cover their overhead to run the stadium. And with bigger and nicer televisions being sold for less and less, more and more are deciding to stay home.

The common denominator seems to be the struggling economy. With usual fans having less and less disposable income, many can’t afford to shell out money to go to a football game. And even with the economy on the rise, attendance isn’t rising as well.

No one has yet to come up with a solution to help both fans and owners. But with a possible lockout looming as well, the NFL has to come up with some solutions fast, or else the most popular sport in the country may be looking at the dreaded ‘s-word’–strike.

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