More Snow?

31 Jan

I feel like CT is in the middle of a 12-round heavyweight fight with mother nature….and we are losing.

Now, let me preface this: I like snow. I really do. I love shoveling it, I like watching it, and most of all, I really love having the day off from class.

But this is getting ridiculous. I mean, how many storms have we had? This is by far, the worst winter we have had since, well, I can remember.

If you notice, the winters have gotten progressively worse. A couple years back, you would be happy with one storm that brought maybe 6″ of snow, with a couple small storms in between. But this winter, we have hand multiple storms that have dropped more than a foot of snow.

What is different about this storm, however, is the ice. We are only supposed to get 6-10″ in Willimantic, with an added 2+” of ice.

We have gotten through snow fine. This storm will be a test of how New Englanders  deal with snow and ice, creating a lot more mess on the roads, sidewalks, and everywhere else.

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Posted by on January 31, 2011 in Random Thoughts


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