Curse of the King?

01 Feb

How often does a superstar, multiple MVP-type player leave a team for greener pastors? Two names come to mind: Babe Ruth, and Lebron James.

Now, being a Red Sox fan, I know all to well the pain of the Curse of the Bambino. Countless times, the Sox were close to winning, but was always struck with bad luck. But it all ended in 2004, with the epic 4-game comeback against the Yankees, then swept the Cardinals to win the World Series.

Now, there seems to be a new curse in town. The Curse of the King.

Lebron “King” James was the Cleveland Cavaliers. He took them deep into the playoffs multiple times, including 1 NBA Championship appearance, won two MVP awards, and won countless scoring titles. He has single-handedly brought his team deep into the playoffs, and almost but his entire team on his shoulder and brought them to the NBA Championships. James had the Key to the City, and the key to every fans heart.

But this past summer, at the very end of free agency, announced he was “..taking his talents to South Beach…” to be a part of the Miami Heat.

Those six words killed an entire city.

He was all Cleveland had. The Browns had bee under .500 for the last couple years, and the last time the Indians made the World Series was 1995. It was a sports ‘blackhole,’ with one shining star in Lebron. But that star exploded in the hearts and minds of Cavalier fans.

Now, they are, in other words, terrible. They have lost their last 21st game, and are 1-30 since Lebron visited Cleveland for the first time since he left. To put that into perspective, the Cavaliers lost only 21 games last year with Lebron on the team. in those games, they have lost by 15+ points, and have been humiliated.

Like Babe Ruth, he went to the better team, leaving his old team broken, and lost. It is too early to tell, but it looks like the ‘Curse of the King’ has come over the Cleveland Cavaliers, an could decimate the team for many years to come.

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