C’Mon Melo!

10 Feb

Every sport has their own prema-donnas. You know, those people who steal the headlines, and always have their name plastered over ESPN.

From Terrall Owens, to Brett Favre, to Manny Ramirez, you can’t surf the web without hearing about them.

Well, the NBA has their most recent on.

Carmelo Anthony.

Over the past couple weeks (and months), Anthony has been in the headlines, quarreling with  the front office of the Denver Nuggets.

It started last year, when he wanted a trade out of Denver. But over the off-season, Melo decided to stay in Denver, for his last season before his contract expires.

But in the recent weeks, the trade talk has kicked-up to 12 on the crazy scale. In December, The New Jersey Nets wanted to trade to get Carmelo. But after very public comments, the Nets owner backed out of trade talks.

But in the mind of Carmelo, he has always wanted to be a Knick. From his start in Syracuse, he has always wanted to return to the Big Apple and play in Madison Square Garden. And for a while, it looked like that was going to happen. A proposed three-team trade between the Nuggets, Knicks, and the Minnesota Timberwolves, would send Carmelo back to New York.

The trade talks took a bizarre turn the last couple of days.

The Los Angeles Lakers threw their hat into the Carmelo ring, offering Andrew Bynum. The Lakers, who are citing a disagreement between Bynum and the coaching staff, are looking to bolster their lineup for a playoff push.

But Melo is denying reports about the Laker-trade. he is claiming he ‘didn’t know about it’, and doesn’t want to go there.

And, on top of all that, he is saying he would sign a three-year extension with the Nuggets if a trade isn’t reached.

C’mon man! Your telling me you had no thought in your mind about going to the Lakers. They are championship team,are one player away from making another serious championship-push.

And you don’t want to go there.

That is the one thing you are missing. A championship ring. I don’t know whether you are saying that to try and lead the media off your ‘train of thought,’ but it has to stop.

And just make up your mind. If you want to leave, don’t say you would sign an extension. This is getting worse than the T.O.-saga the past couple off seasons.

I don’t know why athletes like this get all the attention, but  it has got to stop. WE GET IT! You are disgruntled. Fine. It happens. But think about it, you are making millions of dollars, while people starve on the streets. You could be a lot better off.

And sports is a job. Not everyone likes his job. You don’t see Joe Smith making a big deal about hating his job at a local company. Instead, he deals with it quietly.

Take notice.

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