Best Time of the Year for College Basketball

14 Mar

It’s finally March. The snow is melting (except in Connecticut, where there were some flurries), the mercury is rising, and March Madness is in full swing.

This past week, we, as fans, were treated to an exciting week of conference championship tournaments. And boy, wasn’t it exciting. You upsets, buzzer beaters, and exciting finishes that made you jump out of your chair and scream.

Considering I am 10 minutes down the road from UConn, naturally, I was rooting for the UConn Huskies. There run through the Big East Tournament, the toughest conference in college basketball, was exhilerating. Kemba Walker, who had be quiet towards the end the season, expoded during the tournament. His buzzer beater against Pittsburgh, the number one seed in the conference, as well as big shots agaisnt Syracuse, and Louisville, were outstanding.

But on Sunday, the slate was whiped clean. The selection committee picked the field of 68 teams to compete in the NCAA Tournament. As usual, there were some suprises, and some snubs. The most notable snubs were Colorado and Virginia Tech, both who had strong runs in their conference tournaments, but struggled at times throughout the season.

Even beyond the controversy, I filled out my bracket.

Was it hard to pick the winners? Of course.

The parity in college basketball this year has been the best in years. There has not been that one team that dominates throughout the season. Every team, of every seed, has a chance to win the tournament.

My Final Four consists of:

  • Ohio State out of the East
  • Duke out of the West
  • Notre Dame out of the Southwest
  • Pittsburgh out of the Southeast

Ohio State has impressed me throughout the season, and Sullinger seems unstoppable. Duke impressed me in their ACC tournament, making quick work of UNC. Notre Dame has been underrated in the Big East, quietly sneaking up the rankings. And Pittsburgh is going to come out hungry, after their devestating loss to UConn in the Big East.

In the finals, I think it will be Ohio State vs. Notre Dame, with Ohio State pulling out the victory 79-74.

Who do you have?

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