Tribute to Andy Gerke

14 Apr

Have you ever met someone that has changed your life? Someone you will never forget? Someone you will remember forever?

Fortunately, I have.

I met Andrew Gerke a little over.three years ago. In my first season of drum corps, I didn’t know what to expect. Throughout the preseason camps, I thought I knew what drum corps was.

But Andrew Gerke turned it upside down.

He pushed us to our limit. If we were tired, he didn’t care. He kept pushing us. All summer. No matter the heat humanity, and precipitation. He had us going.

During that season, I didn’t understand why he kept pushing us.

After reflecting on my first season of drum corps, I finally got it.

It wasn’t because he didn’t like it. By pushing us, it showed that he cared about ua. He wanted us to perform at the best level that we could. He didn’t want it half-assed. No matter whether it was rehearsal, or performance, he wanted our best, all the time.

That’s what I will take from Andy Gerke. Do you best. And only your beat. Don’t settle for anything less than your beat.

From drum corps, to the real world, I always try to live up to Gerke’s standards. I never settle for less than I best. I push it in everything I do, and max everything out.

For those of you who know Gerke, I know you relect on how much he affected your life. For those who didn’t get to know him, ask yourself if you try your best 100% of the time. Do you hold yourself to a high standard? If not, try it. You won’t regret it.

4/14/09. I miss you Gerke. I think about you everyday. You won’t be forgotten.

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