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As I sit in the terminal, waiting for my flight to board, heading from Hartford to Midway (Chicago), then to Indianapolis, I have caught myself reflecting on everything that has happened this past school year, as well as over my four years at Eastern.

There are a lot of people I have to thank for where I am right now. They say that college is “The Best Four Years of your Life.” After freshman year, I really didn’t buy that saying. But the these last three years have made up for that.

First off, obviously, I have to thank Alyssa and my family, for being there for me, during the ups and the downs, and supporting me with whatever I do, always giving me good advice.

Secondly, thanks for all of you at News22, throughout the last three years. I joined my sophomore year, and wasn’t really sure I should stick it out after the first semester. But I am glad I did. You guys are really amazing, making the news fun, and being a good group of friends. TJ, Nick, Josh, Brian, Marcus, Ian, Matt, Carmen, Simone, Dan, Zorzi, Michelle (x2), Cait, Steph, and everyone else, thank you for making Eastern memorable.

Next, I want to thank everyone at 7th. These past three summers have been amazing. It will be weird not sharing a floor with Sean, Gate, Curley, Jake, Wes, Reginald, Landau, Jam, Alyssa, Dsaun, Dtops, and everyone else this summer. The drumline has repeatedly been really close over the last three years. Through the ups (and mostly) downs, we have grown together as on drumline, and will be people I talk to for the rest of my life.

Finally, I want to thank Niejadlik Hall. Spending my three upperclassmen years there were a lot of fun. Sure, I didn’t have a kitchen, but it didn’t even matter (when your that close to Hurley AND the Student Center, it is a moot point). The turnover has been huge during that time, but the foundation stayed the same. Mindy, Nick, Cody, Brian, Dave, Megan, Dina, Kevin, and everyone else, made that building more than just dorm, but rather a family. Thank you.

These next three months will be exciting. It will be unexpected, not knowing where I am going, and traveling around the country. But I have those awesome memories to look back on, and remember how amazing the last three years were.

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Sorry for the Lack of Postings

Sorry for the lack of postings the last couple of weeks. With finals, and a whirlwind last ten days, I have been swamped, and haven’t had a lot of time to write.

It is now 3:20 a.m., and I just finished packing. I am flying out of Bradley at 10:25 in the morning for Indianapolis, where I will spend the summer interning at Drum Corps International, doing Video Productions. While I am excited, I am also nervous. I have never been away from Connecticut for more than two weeks, let alone two months. It should definitely be an adventure.

Along with the normal sports thoughts sprinkled in, I will try my best to try and chronicle my summer through blog postings. Sometimes it will be daily, others weekly, sometimes monthly. But I will try my best start writing more often.

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The Great TV vs. Stadium Debate

For the last century, fans have gone to stadiums all across the country in drones to watching sporting events live, and in person. Families had bonded for years by packing up the van, going to a game, tailgating, and rooting for their favorite team with 40,000 other adoring fans.

But now, for this generation, times are changing.

With the increased comforts of the home, like recliners and comfortable loveseats, and an increase of HDTV’s being sold, many stadiums are losing money on fans that are willing to stay home instead of venturing to the game.

Now, if I could, I would be at every single Red Sox and Broncos game, cheering right along with every fan there. But with the prices of everything today, it is very hard for the average fan to attend a sports game.

Let’s break down the numbers. Say if you are going to sit in the bleachers for a Red Sox games. You have $25 for parking (not including gas, which could easily be another $20), $25 for a ticket, and easily another $25 for food and beverage. Roughly, that is $95 to spend on one night of fun.

So for the average fan, it is too expensive. While the stadiums are still filling up in the high-profile markets, attendance at the lesser teams are less than 10,000 in attendance on an average night.

And along with the increase of technology, are leading more fans to stay home. Now, you can get an HDTV for $300. Sure, in the short term it is more expensive. But in the long term, it is very cost effective. You can watch of every game in the comfort of your own home, not having to worry about the money, and getting more angles and in-depth commentary than you would at the game itself. And with the economy still on the upswing, many fans don’t have the money to spend, and find themselves staying at home.

Many fans are having to make that decision, and choosing to stay home. Many stadium owners are having to rethink their business plans, trying to make stadiums more friendly. And with HDTVs becoming more affordable, it could be a matter of time when stadium attendance will start to drop significantly, choosing to stay at home. What would you do?

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Reflections of a Graduating Senior

As the temperature rises, the leaves on the trees start to sprout, and my allergies start kicking up, it signalizes the start of spring, and the end of spring semester.

As I write this, I have five more days of classes and four final exams until my undergraduate degree is done, and I go off into the real world. After thinking that this day would never come, I have caught myself reflecting on my last four years of college.

Have I made some mistakes? You bet. Do I regret some things I did? Of course. Was I able to learn from those mistakes? You bet I did.

Coming into college, I didn’t know what to expect. No parents, freedom, it was a weird feeling.  I didn’t want to get involved, went to class, and did the minimum. It was fun, but not fulfilling.

After freshman year, I had to figure out my roll at school. I decided to get involved in News22, the campus news station. I went to the show, did my job, and that was it. I didn’t want to go back the second semester, thinking “Eh, it wasn’t that fun.” But, after talking to some people, I decided to go back the second semester. I went into it with the mindset “You know what, I am going to get involved.”

It has been uphill from there.

Since then, I have gotten extremely involved, and motivated. I started getting shooting packages, producing the show when the seniors went to Vegas, and doing more jobs in the control room.

That semester motivated into doing more things on and off campus. I started writing for the Campus Lantern, got internships, and made the time here at Eastern worthwhile.

And as someone who is graduating, and going into the real world, I have one piece of advice for you.

Get involved.

I can’t say this enough. Join clubs, do things for the club (don’t just go to the meetings, and go through the motions), and take advantage of this.

As a Communications student, the things I will take with me on my job isn’t the stuff I learned from the classroom. It is the practice I got from being involved in clubs. If you want to be a writer, you can’t be taught how to write. Sure, you can be taught grammar, but you can’t be taught your own voice. You get that from practicing writing. If you want to be a videographer or reporter, people want to see how well you can write, shoot, edit, etc.. The Television production courses here taught you the nuts and bolts, but you can’t be taught how you tell a story through images.

Along with clubs, don’t be afraid of internships. They are amazing things. I have had the excellent opportunity to be able to do three different internships. Were they a lot of work? You bet. But boy did they help me. I was able to get professional experience that I wouldn’t of had the chance to get in the classroom. It will only help me in the future. I had to break out of my shell, but it was worth it.

Once again, it is all about practice.

Whether you are a freshman, or a super-senior, it is never to late. Those clubs are always looking for people to participate. The people in the clubs will be willing to help you. Don’t be shy. It can never hurt to go above and beyond, and perfect your craft.

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