29 May

As I sit in the terminal, waiting for my flight to board, heading from Hartford to Midway (Chicago), then to Indianapolis, I have caught myself reflecting on everything that has happened this past school year, as well as over my four years at Eastern.

There are a lot of people I have to thank for where I am right now. They say that college is “The Best Four Years of your Life.” After freshman year, I really didn’t buy that saying. But the these last three years have made up for that.

First off, obviously, I have to thank Alyssa and my family, for being there for me, during the ups and the downs, and supporting me with whatever I do, always giving me good advice.

Secondly, thanks for all of you at News22, throughout the last three years. I joined my sophomore year, and wasn’t really sure I should stick it out after the first semester. But I am glad I did. You guys are really amazing, making the news fun, and being a good group of friends. TJ, Nick, Josh, Brian, Marcus, Ian, Matt, Carmen, Simone, Dan, Zorzi, Michelle (x2), Cait, Steph, and everyone else, thank you for making Eastern memorable.

Next, I want to thank everyone at 7th. These past three summers have been amazing. It will be weird not sharing a floor with Sean, Gate, Curley, Jake, Wes, Reginald, Landau, Jam, Alyssa, Dsaun, Dtops, and everyone else this summer. The drumline has repeatedly been really close over the last three years. Through the ups (and mostly) downs, we have grown together as on drumline, and will be people I talk to for the rest of my life.

Finally, I want to thank Niejadlik Hall. Spending my three upperclassmen years there were a lot of fun. Sure, I didn’t have a kitchen, but it didn’t even matter (when your that close to Hurley AND the Student Center, it is a moot point). The turnover has been huge during that time, but the foundation stayed the same. Mindy, Nick, Cody, Brian, Dave, Megan, Dina, Kevin, and everyone else, made that building more than just dorm, but rather a family. Thank you.

These next three months will be exciting. It will be unexpected, not knowing where I am going, and traveling around the country. But I have those awesome memories to look back on, and remember how amazing the last three years were.

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Posted by on May 29, 2011 in Random Thoughts


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