Feet First

01 Jun

This past weekend, I said “Goodbye” to Connecticut, and “Hellllooo” to Indiana.

After a flight to Chicago, then Indianapolis (if someone could tell me how that is logical, I would love it), I was finally in Indianapolis for my internship. Except for a rough final approach in Indy, I was finally there. It was weird not flying in for a vacation, or flying home from one. This time, it was for business.

Sunday night and Monday were uneventful. After catching up on rest from travel Sunday night, Monday was a day of rest for me (my first day of actual rest in two weeks). James and I managed to blow through the entire 6th season of ‘The Office.’ After nine hours, and finally getting to meet David and Brittni in person, it was time for bed.

Tuesday was just a whirlwind adventure. After getting to the office around 8:45, I went right into orientation. After getting to know all about Drum Corps International, I went around meeting everyone who works there. After that, Jeff gave me all the software I needed. I loaded up my computer with FInal Cut Studio, Photoshop, Cinematize Pro, MPEG Streamclip, and a bunch of other software.

I felt bad though. My computer wouldn’t connect to the wireless internet at the office at all. I kept having to bug IT to get it fixed. Rich was awesome enough to get it to work, but unfortunately the settings didn’t save when I closed my computer. But the kicker was, I found out the next morning that I actually had the password wrong. Go figure.

After lunch, we hashed out a rough outline of the travel schedule for the summer (It is going to be a fun summer). After that meeting, I was able to sit down with Jeff and started going over stuff. After that hour talk, my mind was hurting. On top of meeting everyone, along with all the information and new software I received, I was in “information overload.”

After work, I was able to unwind. David, Brittni and I checked out a local high school to stadium to see if we could do some filming there. After Brittni and I took David’s car for a ride when he ran to the stadium, we went for a run. We ran to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway from Northwest High School. After running through the grass parking lots that were still littered with trash, we made it. It was really hot and humid, and decided to walk back.

Then, we made a quick trip to Wal-Mart to get a digital antennae to watch the NBA and NHL Finals. I was finally able to get an air mattress, sleeping bag, and some food supplies, which were mucho-needed. A funny ride home, including an entertaining pit stop at Taco Bell, we finally got home to watch the game, and get some sleep.

It was a little harder getting up this morning, even though I did manage to get more sleep than the night before. But once I took a shower and got some breakfast, I was rearin’ to go. The day started off doing some research on aspect ratios and pixelation, Jeff H. (the guy who I am working with the summer) showed me how to rip stuff from DVD to a Quicktime. I was then tasked to taking all of BD’s shows from DVD’s to the computer. After some slow goings, it was lunchtime.

The first business meeting was after lunch. It was Jeff H., myself, and the rest of the marketing team, with a few on video conferencing. After the meeting, I continued to rip BD shows. I was only able to get a couple, so I know what I will be doing tomorrow.

So for an overview, the first two days of my internship have been AWESOME! From meeting a whole lot of new people, to being exposed to a bunch of new software, to finding out where I will be going this summer, the first couple days have been amazing. What is on tap for the rest of the week, I have no idea. All I know is that this short week has been perfect to ease me in.

More to come.

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