DCI Week 2

13 Jun

So it has been a while since I have logged about what I have done out here in Indianapolis. I have told myself that I was going to write more frequently, but you know, things happen. What can you do?

Now, let’s see if I remember everything.

So last weekend, Brittni, David and I decided to take up Insanity. Since we will be here until mid-August, it will be perfect. Let me tell you, it’s been tough. In the month of May, I wasn’t able to work out a lot due to allergies kicking by butt, and finals. The most I was able to do was the week of landscaping I was able to fit in before I left. Even though it’s been hard, it’s been a lot of fun. I can already tell I am getting in better shape.

I have been able to go shoot a couple of stories so far (and the season hasn’t even started!). Last Saturday, the four of us took a trip down to Bloomington, IN to visit the Madison Scouts. I was able to bring along a camera, and was permitted to shoot rehearsal footage. Since they were in visual sectionals, there wasn’t a lot to shoot. After rehearsal was done, I interviewed the drum major, and walked around Starr Hall, where Blast! was formed. You could see the grid still painted in the parking lot. It was a piece of history!

That night, we ventured into Downtown Indy for the night. We went to the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner, which was cool because I had never been. While we were there, 6 bachelorette parties came in and out of the restaurant! After dinner, we went to Jillians to shoot some pool. Unfortunately, it started pouring out. After running back to the car, and me almost busting my head open, we were able to get back to the car. We took a quick car ride to the IMAX Theatre, and saw Pirates of the Caribbean 4. It was pretty awesome.

The next week, during my internship, was interesting. I was able to put together a news package previewing the Madison Scouts. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to publish it. The other time in the office was categorizing prior videos, packaging up some gift bags, and setting up to shoot commercials for DCI. I was also able to book almost all of my flights for the summer. This weekend, I will be traveling to Texas for the first two shows of the season. I will also be going to the local shows around Indianapolis, Denver, Minneapolis, San Antonio, Murfreesboro and Atlanta, and Allentown, before staying for Finals Week.

On Friday, I had my first sushi experience. After work, we stopped by one of the places downtown. I mustered up the courage to try one piece. Needless to say, I won’t be trying sushi anymore. After that, we hiked it to a movie theatre to see the Hangover 2. it was still funny the second time around.

Saturday was an adventure. After getting up early to so Insanity, David, James and I headed up to Fishers, IN to Conner Praire to videotape the Troopers perform, and get a little footage of the park. It is an Interactive Historical Park, we there are different areas with different time periods. People were dressed up and in character, which was pretty need. Not my cup of tea, but still pretty cool.

After that, we went to Fry’s Electronics. It was impressive. It is just a huge electronics store, but it was new to me, so there was some novelty in the place. After getting some blu-rays, we headed over to the Steak ‘N Shake for my first time ever. That night was pretty low-key, except for a late-night CVS trip. The three of us went for Ora-jel and toenail clippers, but came out with a lot of junk food.

The only interesting thing that happened on Sunday was our trip to Buffalo Wind Wings for the NBA Finals game (more on that in another blog some time soon). Even though the waitress was slow, and didn’t get a lot to drink, the wings were good, and the Mavs won, so it wasn’t that bad.

Today, I compiled a bunch of footage of the American flag in drum corps shows and put them into a little montage. It is going to be published tomorrow for Flag Day. At 2:00, we had a meeting for everyone who was going to Texas for the first two shows. It didn’t hit me the first show was this weekend. So excited to fly out on Friday. After the meeting, I started editing the Troopers footage. Hopefully it will be done tomorrow!

For those of you who read this far, thank you. A lot more happened, but I am too tired to try and remember and put in everything that has happened so far. Hopefully I will have time to write more this week.

The DCI season starts Saturday in Saginaw, Texas. Are you excited? I sure as hell am.

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One response to “DCI Week 2

  1. Jeff, the Sr.

    June 14, 2011 at 8:23 pm

    Sounds like an awesome time! Glad you’re getting a chance to experience so many new things (VERY impressed with the sushi thing!!) Peace!


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