The Longest Week

26 Jun

Sorry I haven’t been able to keep up with posting this week. By far, this has been the busiest week so far this summer.

The week all started Monday, when Jeff and I flew from Austin to Indianapolis. We had, what we thought, was a short layover at Chicago/O’Hare airport. But when we landed, we discovered that our flight was delayed 50 minutes because of a late arriving plane. When we realized we would get in the same time if we rented a car and drove, we stayed at the airport and waited out the delay.

It was madhouse. Tons of flights were getting delayed, and there were a bunch of people trying to get out of the airport. After two hours of waiting, and a changed gate, we were able to get back into Indianapolis at around midnight.

Tuesday morning came very fast indeed. I met Zongwei, the last intern, Tuesday morning when we both got up. After a quick shower, we headed to the office. I started transferring all of the footage off of the compact flash drive, and into Finals Cut Pro, around 16 GB’s worth of video. The rest of the day was spent editing footage for a couple projects. At 4 p.m., we left the office for a small show in Indianapolis, about five minutes away from our apartment.

It was a relatively small show. Pioneer, Crossmen, Troopers, and the Madison Scouts were there, debuting their show. All of the IT interns and myself were there to learn how to record the Video On Demands. The show was delayed a half-hour due to weather, but eventually it started. The weather held off, and all the corps were able to go on. A quick breakdown, and we were home by 10 p.m.

Going in to the office on Wednesay, we knew it was going to be a long day. Turned out, it was. We left the office around 1:30 for Fairfield, Ohio, which around two hours away. We got there around 4:30, after a lunch stop. After flashing our badges, we were able to get a spot close to the stadium (which will be important to the story later).

It was a quick set-up for the VOD’s for the show. We had to compete with the local cable company for a spot in the press box, but we had a decent shot on the 50. There were a couple sound issues that arose, but after some tinkering, I was able to get everything ready. Right before the show, I went to the marketplace to get some B-roll of the marketplace, and interview a couple of the souvie guys, seeing what it is like being on tour with the corps.

Once the show started, the weather got worse. When CIncinnati Tradition went on, it started pouring rain. There was a brief 10 minute delay until Pioneer went on. Once Pioneer got on, the show went on as normal until intermission. At 8:50, intermission started. at 9:00, the show was on an indefinite delay because of lightening. After a couple rounds of torrential downpour, the show was eventually called around 10. After quick break-down, and short walk to the car, we were able to get somewhere dry. A quick pit stop to Waffle House, and we were on the road, getting home right around 1 a.m.

The next morning, everyone was running late. I didnt get up until 8, and we didn’t leave until 8:30-ish. I was exhausted all day, struggling to stay up. I was able to put some stuff together for the Fan Network. I can’t remember anything else from work that day. After work, I got some work done while Britni, David, and Zongwei did Insanity. After, we went to La Hasienda for some Mexican and Margaritas. After food, I passed out.

Friday was an incredibly short day in the office. We were only there for a couple hours. Around 11:30, Jeff and I left to get some drum-cam footage before going to Muncie. We hit up the Scouts and Blue Stars rehearsals. Blue Stars were putting out sound. Aside from the hornline, they had 15 speakers on the front sideline. They were loud, and their drumline was jammin’.

We got to the stadium at 4:30, and met up with David and Zongwei up in the pressbox. We had a really good view of the field from our spot. We were able to enjoy the last hour of Crown’s rehearsal. I shot some of their run-through from the sideline. They were putting out more sound than the Blue Stars, and without the added speakers.

Right before the show, I went to the lot to get some footage of people warming-up. It was sprinkling on and off, so it was difficult to shoot. After intermission, I got on the field, to shoot footage of the show. Unfortunately, I had to see the Glassmen from up-close. Man, that was waste of 20 minutes. After them, it was Madison, Blue Stars, Crown, and the Cavaliers. Not a bad lineup.

After the show, the BOA kids performed with Crown on the field. After the performance, we got some interviews from the kids, Crown drum majors, and the directors of the BOA Symposium. Those kids were so excited to perform with Crown. it was really cool to see.

After, I went back to the apartment, while everyone else went on to Grand Rapids. I really wish I could have gone on with them. The apartment was really quiet when I got back there. But as soon as I got home, I passed right out.

I ended up waking up at 2 p.m. Saturday afternoon. The entire day was spend doing absolutely nothing. It was a nice change of pace. At 9:45, I was able to watch the Live Stream from the Stanford show. It was awesome seeing the Cadets, Phantom, SCV, and the Blue Devils. Once again, Phantom ripped off a phenomenal show, making me even prouder of Bobby.

After the show was over (around 2 am), I went to bed. I woke up around 11:45 this morning, and picked Brittni, David, and Zongwei up from the office, and came back to the apartment. Tonight will be spent getting ready for the week, and the live show from Michigan City, Indiana.

More information coming later this week.

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