Adventures around Akron

09 Jul

The DCI season is in full swing, and it is starting to get exciting. WIth one month left until finals week, it is starting to get down to crunch time, and things are ratcheting up in the office.

This past Thursday, David and I took a little adventure to Akron to film the VOD’s and do the Dropbox recordings for the Bluecoats home show in Akron, Ohio. We left Indy at 10:20, which put us at the hotel around 3:30. After we dropped off some clothes, we went to the stadium. Man, was that stadium amazing. For a Division I-AA school, it had impressive facilities.

This was my station during the show. I was capturing the Video On Demand (VOD) performances for the Fan Network. 1080i/30p baby! And you can’t beat that view.

And you can’t beat that view!

The show ended around 10:00-ish, and once I got all the equipment packed up, it was around 10:30. I was able to meet up with Jani and Max after the show. They did amazing, and it was cool being able to see them while they were on tour.

After that, David and I hit up the local Buffalo Wild Wings right across the street from the stadium. There were a lot of staff members from different corps there, and it didn’t lack entertainment and excitement. At midnight, Brittni met up with us after her friends from Bluecoats left. We stopped for the Burger King, and then headed back to the hotel. When we got back, I started compressing all the shows, which took a looooong time. Around that same time I realized I had left my phone charger in the press box. Awesome, right?

Before I knew it, I was passed out on the bed.

In the morning, we had to get out of the hotel by 10. David and I woke up at around 9:30, and hit the road. It was a pretty uneventful trip back, making two pit stops during the 5 hour drive.

We got back into Indy at 3:30 in the afternoon. I had to stop by the office to drop off all the VOD performances to Jeff so they could be uploaded to Brightcove. After that, we stopped by Verizon Wireless to grab a charger before I went out to Denver, so I could have a phone.

The second half of my eventful Friday will come tomorrow, after the Denver show.

[teaser}: As I am typing this blog, this is my view.

More coming tomorrow.

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