Murfreesboro to Houston

01 Aug

Whoever came up with 5:30 a.m. should take back their cruel, cruel joke.

Greetings from somewhere in the middle of Tennessee! As I am typing this, I am on I-24 heading down to Atlanta, Georgia from Murfreesboro. Wake up today was at 5:30 a.m. Since it is a four-minus drive there, plus we lose an hour going from CDT to EDT, we had to ship out at 6 to insure we got to the stadium in time for the 2:30 show start time.

Yesterday was a travel-filled day as well.

Louisville, Kentucky

The day started with a 6-hour drive from Indianapolis to Murfreesboro. I rode down with one of the judges, Jeff Young, and Derek, one of the visual techs from the Blue Stars. We met up at the office at 10:45, and headed out. It was a very nice drive, and they are very nice guys. It was cool hearing about Jeff’s business, Dynamic Marching, and their high school programs. From what I heard, Indiana music programs aren’t taking that big of a hit, financially. Made me jealous.

We got to the hotel around 3:30 CDT. I took that time to TRY and register for my classes for the fall. I had finally gotten my ducks-in-a-row, and gotten the e-mail saying I was a fully enrolled student. I was excited to finally register for classes, but alas, I couldn’t. The high-speed internet at the hotel wasn’t letting me open their webpage.

NOTE: Hotels, C’MON MAN! Why advertise high-speed internet? Everyone knows it isn’t. I did a speed test on it. I was getting 1.8 mbps down, and .8 mbps  up. That is not high-speed.

I headed over to the stadium with a group of DCI people at 5. I was very excited/antsy/awake for this show. I really didn’t know why I was that way, but it was good. First order of business at the show was find home base in the press box. After finding that, I got prepared for the show. Tapes labelled, batteries charging; everything ready to go. While I was in the box, I got the ESPN Alert that Nnamdi Asomguah signed with the Eagles. Needless to say, I was shocked. (But that is for another blog, that will come later this week)

The show started around 6:30. At the Tournament of Champions (TOC) shows, small ensembles from the various eight corps performed for the fans walking to their seats. I got a lot of b-roll for that. Not as much stuff went on, like it did in Houston, but I got a lot of great stuff. It is nice already knowing what is going to happen. Makes filming it a lot easier.

The show itself stepped off at 7:40. Even though it was a TOC show, Music City got to perform as an exhibition. I was videoing from the field, as well as playing analysts for my peeps back home. For the last couple years, 7th and Music City have been tough competitors. I wanted to let everyone know what was up.

The rest of the show went off without a hitch. After every show, the corps did an instant encore. That made the show longer, but definitely added a lot to it. The fans really enjoyed it. The house was PACKED. From side to side, it looked like their wasn’t a seat left in the house.

All of the mass encore activities wrapped up around 11:30. Since we weren’t doing VOD’s or anything, there was no breakdown. I packed up the camera up and went downstairs. I helped with loading the truck, and lugging bins from the Welcome Tent to the truck. After the truck, the DCI staff went to Steak ‘n Shake for a post-show dinner. Like I have said before, late-night food is always the best. I had a Frisco Melt, a mint chocolate chip milkshake, and a boatload of laughs.

Good times had by all.

The only downsize was that I didn’t get back to the hotel until 1:50 in the morning. After watching a bit of SportsCenter, I passed out, knowing that 5:30 was going to come VERY fast.

My alarm went off at 5:15, but I didn’t get out of bed until 5:30. After a quick shower and pack, I went downstairs to meet everyone. The caravan rolled out at 6. Some people left the hotel at 5 a.m. to go to Atlanta. Such devotion.

The show today is at the Georgiadome in Atlanta, DCI Southeast. It looks like it is going to be another long 12-hour day. Fortunately, Trevor, the band director I am working for in the fall, will be there with jersey Surf. Hopefully I can meet up with him and talk about the program in the fall.

It is going to be a great show tonight. Looking forward to it!


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  1. Jeff (the Sr.)

    August 1, 2011 at 7:26 pm

    My peeps back home??!!


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